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Dr. Lord's Interview on Todd Ewing's Talk show
"See the Heaven in Every Black Face", starts around 26 minutes

For convenience here is Barbara Talley's story
that relates to Dr. Lord's interview, starts around 5:30

Energy and Why it Matters

All matter is energy, as Einstein famously showed. When it comes to the body specifically, there is much more going on than just physical structures and processes, as varied and interesting as they are! The most obvious proof of this is the difference between a living body and a dead one. The difference between life and death is energy

We usually think of food as our main energy source, and it is important, but there is much more to the body’s energy. This comes in many different forms and affects the body in countless ways, helpful and (sometimes) unhelpful.

The causes of long-standing problems are often energetic. Even before the development of the brain, energy makes up the “blueprint” of the body before it is formed. Specific energies can also become “stuck” in the body in places and ways in which it can interfere with proper functioning. At George Lord, D.C., LLC, one of our key skills is the ability to detect and balance or remove of such “energy lesions.” This often makes it possible to resolve problems which no other doctor or therapist has been able to fix. We work specifically on the energy which is causing the problem or keeping it going.

One key thing about the body’s energy is that it isn’t confined to the body. In fact, your energy, thoughts and emotions can affect other people anywhere in the world! This is why we might pray for a person thousands of miles away. That energy is not lost. The same fact makes it possible for us to do phone sessions or other distance sessions. Such sessions are often just as effective as treatments in person, in the office.

Of course, distance treatments involve no physical contact and are therefore painless. Even in hands-on work, our preference is to work with a very light touch, even when focusing on structures deep inside the body. So the hands-on work is almost always painless too.

The most specific and comprehensive widely-taught system of energy “medicine” that we are aware of is BodyTalk. (Please check out www.bodytalksystem.com for more information.) We supplement this with other highly effective therapies developed by various other experts such as John Upledger, D.O., Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O., Alain Croibier, D.O., and Bruno Chikly, M.D., D.O. We have also developed a number of techniques of our own.





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